Blogging for out of the Box SEO in 2012

Ever wonder what that funny little orange symbol is? Many people recognize it as RSS, a few people even know it stands for Real SImple Syndication, even fewer people realize what that means. The good news is we really don’t have to understand it to take advantage of it. RSS is at the root of our blogging platforms. It is the technology that allows bloggers to be both the reporter and the publisher. RSS allows a means for us to publish to the world and then have a simple method for people to subscribe to our “feed.” Here at the Cyber WIgwam few people care about that but we are excited that the nature of RSS has an impact on our SEO or Search Engine Optimization. The bloggers at Council Blogs know that effectively choosing tags for their posts can have an organic impact on their Findability. Why? Currently, the search engines like to parse the RSS feeds because it is easy to find where the new information is coming from. Rather than send web-crawlers out to find new aspects of a site, it is easier to monitor the RSS feeds to see what is new. If our blog posts are appropriately tagged the search result impact is astounding. In SEO tests conducted at the Cyber Wigwam we have posted in the morning at 10:00 and received Google Alerts for those posts with the target tags by 2:00 that same afternoon. Our bloggers have found that we can focus on telling the story of our business and let the tags and RSS handle the SEO.


The One Thing Everyone Should Know About Select Telecom

Select Telecom

Well, where do we start; our history? We’ve been around since 1983 selling and servicing small to medium sized businesses in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.

Our primary products? We’ve been authorized Toshiba Telecom dealers since our inception but we also sell Allworx and hosted IP as telecom products. We are also agents for the major network service providers; AT&T, Comcast, TDS, EarthLink and the list goes on.

Our complimenting products and services? It’s a rather diverse set which includes:

  • Audio and Video Surveillance from a few simple analog (CCTV) cameras and DVR to 20 megapixel, 180 degree IP cameras with a 10 terrabyte Network Video Recorder.
  • Cambridge Sound Masking Technology which provides cost effective ceiling mount speakers which produce a “white noise” which mirrors the spectrum of the human voice. It does not have to be loud to be effective.
  • The SonicWALL® TZ Series which offers a revolutionary breakthrough with higher performance…

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Celebrate Earth Day by Making a Difference

Chipwellness's Blog

Sunday is Earth Day. Look at the data regarding raising our food and the environment.  According to David Pimentel, Professor of Ecology and Agriculture Science at Cornell University, food and fiber crops cover 12% of the Earth’s total land area, 24% of the Earth’s area is used to graze livestock, and 87% of fresh water is consumed by the agriculture industry.  One dairy cow produces 1,036 pounds of manure per week, contributing to ground water contamination and emits methane and nitrous oxide which harms the environment.  It takes 2500 gallons of water to produce one pound of beef vs just 60 gallons of water to produce one pound of potatoes. Over 50% of the grain grown in the US is used to feed livestock.  The grain used to feed livestock in the US could feed close to 800 million people and would help reduce world hunger.  A majority of soil erosion is…

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“Teddy – Can You Save…………………?”

Can you?

The adventures of Teddy LC Bear!

Teddy and TLC Construction work with customers remodeling all kinds of rooms or doing different kinds of additions. ”Can you save ____?” is one of the most frequently asked questions. This has as many answers as there are projects! Customers are usually not looking at sentimental value but wonder why incur the cost of replacing something when it looks fine to them. This causes Teddy to scratch his furry ‘bear’ head! Luckily the contractors at TLC Construction know the answer from more than 11 years of experience!

Sometimes, the answer is, “yes, we can save that!” Or sometime we can save part of ‘it’ and sometime it just doesn’t make sense.  In one job, TLC Construction was asked by the customer to leave most of the dry wall up when updating the bathroom. Teddy couldn’t believe there were no outlets in this bathroom! Granted, he never needed to shave his…

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Reperio Citius: Swift Findability – Olympic Gold

Swift like Mercury go the Olympic Bloggers for Findability in 2012. This year’s Olympic Games in London has the bloggers at Council Blogs thinking about the traits of the olympians. Swifter, Higher, Stronger. What we see in the blogoshpere is that time waits for no one. Don’t be plagued by writer’s block. Get out and blog, no matter how terse it is.

Teddy – What is the One Thing That Makes TLC Construction Different from Other Remodeling Companies?

The adventures of Teddy LC Bear!

This is week two of Teddy answering frequently asked questions. Enjoy!

Teddy feels very lucky to be working with TLC Construction! He likes the one thing that really makes them different from many other remodeling companies – their unique approach to discovering what the customer dreams of in their project. John and Jan Bowman are co-owners and work with the customers in different ways. Teddy provides ‘beary’ good assistance. As they discuss with the customer their remodel dream, John looks at it through contractor eyes – where are the heating runs, plumbing, electrical, structural support, etc. While Jan looks at it through users eyes – how do you cook; how many people use the kitchen; how do you want to use the basement; what is your dream bathroom, etc. Teddy in his cute and charming but ‘bearable’ ways – helps the customer engage.

The TLC team gathers information; collaborates; and creates solutions – many different from what the customer first conceptualized! You could…

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The 1 Thing Everyone Should Know About Confident Image in 2012

Confident Image Associates BC

The 1 Thing Everyone Should Know About Confident Image in 2012

Confident Image offers a sunny disposition during all consultations – every day of the year! Our goal is to give you a pleasurable experience. We respect and protect your privacy in that all consultations are confidential.

Speaking of sunny, did you know . . .

There are two types of Ultraviolet Light Rays?

What’s the difference you ask?


Can pass through window glass

Is affected little by altitude/weather changes

Is present all day – every day of the year

Makes up 5% of the sun’s rays and is 20X’s more abundant than UVB rays

Penetrates deep into the skin’s layers

Results in long term damage to skin

Is not protected by the SPF in sunscreens


Cannot pass through glass

Varies by weather conditions and is more intense at…

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1 Thing You Need to Know About Coaching

The Business Edge Blog

Business Coaching, Executive Coaching or Retirement Coaching…..

The role of the coach in Business Coaching, Executive Coaching, or Retirement Coaching is always the same.  It’s to help the person being coached see the options ahead of them and to make the best choice from among them.

Like a coach in any individual or team sport, the business coach, executive coach or retirement coach does not jump in and play the game – or jump in and do the work of the person being coached – or tell you exactly what to do.  Sometimes consultants are hired to do that, but not a coach.

Most of my sessions with clients contain an element of brainstorming.  If we are looking at options, we walk down the path of the options that look like the best alternatives.  We talk about the pros and cons of taking that path.  If we hit a roadblock, we back up and take…

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The One Thing Everyone Should Know About My Business

Satori Pathway

The Satori staff is knowledgable and committed to finding  resources to help families on the dementia journey. We meet with the family and listen to their concerns.We answer all the questions the family might have regarding the rate of decline,or the medical resources available in this area,or how to get help for the emotional toll this kind of disease takes.

The truth is there is more than one thing that you should know about Satori Pathway.Please visit our website,and also give me a call at 779-537-5249-or 815-395-2157.I would love to have you comment or question me today if you have any concerns about  a loved one’s dementia condition.

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