February 29, 1900: Microsoft changing history?

These partying men from 1876 might have wondered in their drunken stuper that somebody in the future will get the leap year calculation wrong. Well, of course they were having such a gay time they were hoping for more leap years. Maybe one of them passed that thought onto their heirs at Microsoft. I have a personal connection to the 1900 leap year (or should I say lack thereof). My great aunt was born on February 29, 1896. She was famous in our family as she didn’t have a chance to celebrate her birthday until she was 8 years old. There was not a leap day in 1900. Since Julius Caesar started leap days every four years to keep the calendar synched with nature we found he was a little off. 1500 years later the Gregorian calendar aimed to fix the crude adjustment by adding some more rules. Anyway, the outcome is that 1900, or any century year for that matter that, is not evenly divisible by 400 is not a leap year. Microsoft didn’t investigate it well enough and the calculation inherent in Excel is wrong. They mistakenly show 1900 as a leap year so changing history unbeknowingly. Apparently, they feel it is too much effort to correct it so future generations can debate about the reality or the virtual reality of Microsoft. Luckily, at the moment, WIkipedia sets the record straight with a well defined definition of the calculation. Will the 21st Century Shakespeare say, “Beware the Ides of Microsoft?” More on that the next post.


Did Lincoln say, “A penny for your thoughts?” 4,900,000,000 thoughts?

4.9 Billion, yes,  Billion, pennies were minted in the U.S. in 2011. That’s twice as many as the number of people on the internet. In 2010, the number of internet users worldwide crossed 2 billion. The bloggers here at the Cyber Wigwam realize that sharing your thoughts is the way to build your reputation in the blogosphere. Social media is all about being social. What better way to be social than to share your thoughts with the world?

They Said What?

Encore Now

Everyone has an opinion and everyone feels that it is necessary to share it with everyone.  Today, you cannot open up yahoo without finding out what this celebrity said or that politician declared.  Sometimes I wonder why we care.  These are people that we will never meet and often they have more influence than the people that we live with.  Whatsup with that?

Consider the people who give the news – – now those people have opinions.  They talk about a lot of things no one cares about and a few important things that we do.  The weather is always good to know.  An update on the local bad news is obligatory.  Some knowledge of the wars we are engaged in and the status is good.  A brief look at the unending political contest would be a relief.  But for heaven’s sake, who cares about the sex life of some celebrity?

This got…

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Valentines Day – A Good Time To Reflect

The Business Edge Blog

As a business coach I know how hard my clients work.  Many start working early in the day, work hard all day, stay late or take work home with them, and finally crash at the end of a late night.

When we talk about what they are working so hard for, they often tell me to provide for their families.  When we talk about their dream for retirement it includes spending more time with family.  Stop – do they have to wait that long?

Of course we hope that our families will be there when we have all the time in the world to spend with them.  Remember Harry Chapin’s song Cats In The Cradle?  Re-read the lyrics here http://www.lyricsdepot.com/harry-chapin/cats-in-the-cradle.html

It’s Valentines’ Day. Reflect.  Reprioritize.  See what changes you can make in your business today so that you don’t miss out on spending time with those that are important to you.

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Valentine’s Day, 2012 – What’s new in the blogosphere?

The state of the blogosphere this Valentine’s Day shows that bloggers are active in Social Media as well as posting to their blog. Google+, Facebook and Twitter are the popular choices for bloggers. Here at Council Blogs, along with WordPress, our bloggers also like LinkedIn. We had a special advanced class delving in-depth into Linkedin. In the blogosphere the stats show that most bloggers are big into Social Media:

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The Business Edge Blog

As a business coach my clients are telling me they feel out of balance, tired,  stressed.  Some say they lack energy.  I often use the following tool to help them understand why they feel the way they do and thought that it may be helpful for others as well.

We all have 100% of our life energy.  Even though sometimes we feel we have much less than we had at another point in time, we always have 100% available to us.  The question is how much of our total life energy are we giving to each of the six life arenas?

 Life Arena
























Steps to complete the table:

  1. Guesstimate the percentage of life energy you are giving in each of your life arenas at the present time. …

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