Open letter to the 750,000,000 Facebook users

Dear Facebook Users,

Are you happy with the new changes to the Facebook interface?
The first thing I noticed was the absence of Home and Profile. In the Social Media Marketing Framework classes, I used to be able to say that LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook all have the same definition. Now I cannot.Of course there are many other changes. Another one I noticed is that when you click on Home it no longer says NEWSFEED. I found this to be the most beneficial description of what you saw when you went to the Home page for new students. Now, no longer.
It is human nature to resist change. I can see that some of the streamlining eliminates some confusion that inherently come in an incremental design. I have to say I am amazed at how seamlessly the transition to the new interface went. I haven’t heard any complaints about things not working. The programmers should be applauded as pulling off a major feat!
On the other hand, as users, are we happy with the new features?Personally, I haven’t spent enough time to know if I like it or not. I do have to say that I click with a bit of apprehension knowing that things might not be where they belong or things will pop up when I least expect it. At the moment, most of it is a nuisance. I would like to know what you think.
Time will tell whether this major turn of events in Facebook is for the better or not. Has anybody heard how the changes were arrived at? Was there a user focus group? Was there a list of suggested improvements? When a group of Facebook users the size of the third largest country in the world are affected, the weight of these changes have a significant impact on the internet user base.
I would like to hear from you. Comment below with your impressions of the new changes.


Chief Blogger

P.S. What do you think will happen with the other popular Social Media tools like LinkedIn and Twitter? Will they feel compelled to change their user interface as well?

I would enjoy reading your impressions of the new changes. Comment below.