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I recently sent out a ‘What Product Is Your Must Have of Callais Color Cosmetics and/or Kara Vita Skin Care?’ inquiry to clients.

Below are a few responses.

Marilyn P. says:  ‘I’m hooked on the Callais Mineral Eye Products, especially the eye shadows. I love the shade, Golden Taupe . I can mix the loose products with water or use as is – very flexible products!’

Amie L. writes: ‘My must have Callais Mineral Product is the MoonlightLuminizer. It is long-lasting, easy to apply and blends well with other Callais Eyshadows. I use this product as the base color, highlight and I LOVE it. It has become a part of my everyday routine. You can opt to wear the Moonlight for a simple day look or even create a neutral smoky eye look with other shades, as well. It is a versatile product in that you can…

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Pesky Produce Stickers

Chipwellness's Blog

Ever wonder why stickers are put on fruits and vegetables?  They seem to be on all produce – from McIntosh apples to beefstake tomatoes. Those stickers are called produce look-up number (PLU) stickers, and the number on the sticker identifies the fruit or vegetable when run across the scanner at the checkout line.  Just think – with the dozens of varieties of apples, melons, potatoes, and squash available, we would be in the checkout lines forever watching a frustrated cashier try to determine whether to ring up a carnival or delicata squash. Those pesky stickers do have a purpose!

The codes on the stickers reveal something else – how the fruit or vegetable was grown.  It is a voluntary system, but pretty reliable. Conventionally grown fruits and vegetables have a four digit number on the label beginning with the number 4.  Genetically modified (GM) fruits and vegetables have a five…

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9-1-1 Calls For Emergency When Elderly Get Violent

Satori Pathway

The Rockford Fire Department has had Satori Pathway present 2 C.E.U. classes for the new paramedics training and experienced paramedics keeping their education current. 

Our presentation compares the behaviors and violence sometimes associated with drugs and alcohol abuse to the behaviors of a dementia patient,who might be agitated or off their meds.  

Emergency calls are no fun for anyone..and can scare the already agitated Alzheimer’s patient.Most people don’t think of what a fire truck or ambulance crew might be dealing with until they have an experience with a family episode themselves or in the neighborhood.


We also share methods and suggestions for dealing with the behaviors and for helping the family members caught in the middle of such an  incident.There are usually a number of questions from the paramedics  that add to the material we present and help everyone…

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In His Presence . . .

Old Lady Brady's Joy Journey

As I pulled up to the entrance to the park, I rolled down my window and inhaled the fresh air.  The water rushed over the old dam with beauty reminiscent of Niagara and an awesome sound.  Further on, the lake glistened in the sunshine and I could feel the stress falling away. Water has always had a soothing effect on me. When I am stressed, I even go there in my head and listen to the sound of the babbling brook as it flows over the rocks. It has a great ability to heal and refresh my soul.

Today, I am needing to pull into my spirit and get back in touch with my Heavenly Father. But then I need to do that every day, it’s just that some days it is more urgent than others. I am so glad that He is always available.

All this got me to…

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Composite or Wood Decking?

The adventures of Teddy LC Bear!

Teddy has been helping out answering the phone at TLC Construction. With the warm weather, customers are already outside and some have noticed they need a new deck!

One question Teddy is frequently asked is, “should we build our new deck from composite wood material or natural wood?” Teddy is so glad TLC has been building decks for over 12 years and has experience with both composite and natural wood. He talks to the customer and asks a few questions so the new deck is what they are looking for in so many ways!

First, Teddy explains the framing of all decks should be made from pressure treated wood. Composite wood is not strong enough for structural purposes. Next, Teddy wants to know what look does the customer want; what kind of maintenance do they expect; do they have a budget in mind; as well as explain the difference between composite and natural wood…

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The Body – A Song of Praise by Clare Kaegi-Watts

Old Lady Brady's Joy Journey

Presenting Clare-Kaegi Watts, my dear and talented friend. The pictures here are her original artwork done in great detail in pen and ink. 

She is also a poet whose words are a praise to our Heavenly Father.  In her work, THE BODY, you will see that she highlights various parts of her body that she uses to praise the Lord.  (i.e.  Eyes, Feet, Hands, etc.)

It is my hope that the art and the poetry bless you as they have me. 

 The Body

A Song of Praise

Before the light of morning spills across the land

I rise to greet the day and thank my God

For His grace, His love, my liberty.

Some distance walked while still half dark,

Through trees the soft mists shrouding.

The quiet of my LORD’s creation settles, peaceful, still,

Upon my spirit as I seek His sweet presence there.


A soft golden…

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Spring Cleaning – Outside too!

The adventures of Teddy LC Bear!

What glorious weather we are having – a fantastic weekend – 60’s and sunny – and the weeks forecast of 70’s and a possible 80! Wow! This is northern Illinois where we are supposed to be in the mid 40’s right now! Teddy had a wonderful weekend visiting relatives who had just come out of hibernation but was not able to be at the TLC Construction booth in the RoRo Expo. He felt bad to miss the many old and new friends who stopped by to check out what’s happening at TLC!

But Teddy is back home and the weather is beautiful. He sprang forward last weekend and now it is time for spring cleaning! Inside Teddy’s home does need help after being shut up all winter but the weather is too nice to be stuck in the house! Teddy decided to sweep off the deck and get out the deck chairs. Wait!…

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Spring Cleaning Your Business

The Business Edge Blog

Spring Cleaning

My last blog talked about looking at your business from the outside to see the image your potential customers see and cleaning up your image during the extra daylight hours provided by Daylight Savings Time.  Today I hope you’ll take a look at your business from the “inside”.  It’s time for Spring Cleaning – so why not take a look at our business systems and see what outdated systems we can clear away?

Often we roll along in our businesses and don’t even stop to question if things we are doing are serving us well.  Of course they were great ideas when we instituted them, but can we adopt a better system?

Let’s say you’re a handyman or a contractor and often have to run to the hardware store for those “little items” that a job requires.  How do you handle all your project receipts and how do you bill your…

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Social Media Spring Cleaning – Time to clean out those blog drafts

Here at Council Blogs it is easy to have an accumulation of post drafts. With spring in the air it is time to review your list of posts and see if there are some drafts that could be published. At the Cyber Wigwam the Chief sent Running Tweet out to count the drafts on the Council Blogs list. He came back and reported 38 drafts out of 100 posts. Lots of cleaning!! Get the brooms out. Remember the blue button on the lower right that says “Publish.”

Natural Foods – Don’t Be Fooled !!!

Chipwellness's Blog

What comes to mind when you see the word “natural”?  Ice cream, key lime pie, chips?  Probably not.  But that is what I saw on packaging when I made a trip to the grocery store last week.

“Natural” filled the shelves – tortilla chips, lemon-lime soda, crackers made with refined flour, pies, lemonade powder with a long list of ingredients including yellow dye #5, vegetable oil made with genetically modified soybeans, fruit juices with “natural” flavors added, potato chips – the list goes on.

For some reason, I think of “natural” foods as being bananas, broccoli, apples, lettuce, potatoes, carrots and the like – foods that are unaltered and recognizable for what they are.

Unlike many descriptions listed on food packaging, the term “natural” is not regulated by the FDA.  Therefore, the term “natural” can be put on anything.  A recent study concluded last year 28% of Americans bought more…

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