These shoes are made for blogging – lacing up your posts in 2013 – Mardi Gras

CBDraftsIs your draft posts list approaching 50% of the total?

Most of the bloggers here at the Cyber Wigwam leave little clutter in their draft list. They have the discipline to publish their WordPress posts on a regular basis.  As with all social media marketing, consistency is second only to Content. If Content is King, then Consistency is the Prince. If you have a robust list of choices in your draft list it might be time to utilize them in a princely fashion. Our best advice at lept Like A Blog is to simply tell the story of your business. We live and breathe our business everyday and it is easy to forget that other people aren’t as versed in it as we are. Telling people about the boring repetitious parts of our business doesn’t seem interesting but that is the easiest way for people to get to Know, Like and Trust us. Publishing your post on a weekly basis is a good discipline and is a reasonable frequency to consistenly update your followers. So just like Mardi Gras where the idea is to clean out all the fat before Lent, it is time to spruce up and clean out the drafts in your WordPress post list.


Falling, falling, falling – making fun out of trash?

Volkswagen’s Fun Theory project sponsored a number of interesting experiments in making mundane things, FUN. One of the projects was to fit a trash receptacle with a motion detector and a sound card. When someone added some trash, the motion detector triggered a sound file to play which sounded like Wile E. Coyote plummeting to the bottom of the canyon floor. You can watch the video and see the results here.

#1 Storytelling – The Art of Social Media Marketing Campaigns among other things.

What do story telling and business marketing have in common? Everything. Here at the Cyber Wigwam we have developed a discipline of weekly blog posts. Many people ask, “what will I blog about?” The answer is simple. Just tell the story of your business. According to Freshly Pressed,’s blog highlighting portal, the number one thing to be featured is “Unique content.” Only you can tell the story of your business so naturally it is inherently unique. The other thing we find here at Council Blogs is that people are interested in how you conduct your business. People like to do business with people they Know, Like, and Trust. People like to be able to read about how you do your business and interact with your customers. What more natural way than to tell the story of your business. Here at Council Blogs we like to use WordPress for our blogs.One great benefit of telling the story of our business is that we have a chance to use the tags that best describe our business. This helps immensely in our findability for new customers. It also helps keep a fresh web presence for our existing customers. So, the next time you have that blogger’s writing cramp, get back to basics and tell the story of your business. If you have any examples of great stories you’d like to share, feel free to comment below.

How often do you watch a YouTube video? Once in a blue moon? It’s here in 2012

You  may say that you watch a video on YouTube once in a blue moon. Chances are you watch one more often. In 2010 the number of users on the internet climbed over 2 billion. With 4 billion views per day on YouTube  that means that there are an average of two videos watched every day per person on the internet. Currently there are about 48 hours of vidoe uploaded to YouTube every minute. Here at the Cyber Wigwam we have some bloggers venturing out into YouTube and have developed their own channel. YouTube classes are available from lept Like A Blog if you are ready to start producing some unique content.

Curiosity landed, new ventures in social media. Mars landscape, no Martians in sight?

Congratulations to the JPL team for the Curiosity landing. Pictures are spectacular. The animation of the landing process are phenomenal. The PR staff is realizing the power of  social media, setting up a special sub domain for social media. You can check it out by clicking below. Social media is allowing us all to participate in the revelry.

Blogging for out of the Box SEO in 2012

Ever wonder what that funny little orange symbol is? Many people recognize it as RSS, a few people even know it stands for Real SImple Syndication, even fewer people realize what that means. The good news is we really don’t have to understand it to take advantage of it. RSS is at the root of our blogging platforms. It is the technology that allows bloggers to be both the reporter and the publisher. RSS allows a means for us to publish to the world and then have a simple method for people to subscribe to our “feed.” Here at the Cyber WIgwam few people care about that but we are excited that the nature of RSS has an impact on our SEO or Search Engine Optimization. The bloggers at Council Blogs know that effectively choosing tags for their posts can have an organic impact on their Findability. Why? Currently, the search engines like to parse the RSS feeds because it is easy to find where the new information is coming from. Rather than send web-crawlers out to find new aspects of a site, it is easier to monitor the RSS feeds to see what is new. If our blog posts are appropriately tagged the search result impact is astounding. In SEO tests conducted at the Cyber Wigwam we have posted in the morning at 10:00 and received Google Alerts for those posts with the target tags by 2:00 that same afternoon. Our bloggers have found that we can focus on telling the story of our business and let the tags and RSS handle the SEO.

Don’t forget Tags when posting in 2012

Tags are your best friend when it comes to SEO. What the heck is SEO? SEO is Search Engine Optimization. This is a fancy term for “findability” or in other words how do you develop a pathway for someone to find you when they are searching for your product or service on a search engine like Google or Yahoo. Tags or “post tags” are the words that accompany your post when it is published. Tags then are used by the search engines to classify the topic of your post. When developing the content of your tags you want to keep in mind what people are going to be searching for when you want them to find you. Feel free to comment with your tag success stories. We would love to hear about them.

Linkedin hits 115.8 million subscribers!

In May, soon after their IPO, LinkedIn has garnered Over 115 million subscribers. At the end of 2009 my story of sixes included LinkedIn with 63 million users. What growth! Personally, I noticed recent updates to LinkedIn. Have you noticed the new review profile feature? Have you seen the little Post-it note check marks? LinkedIn is a portion of the Social Media marketing framework that we develop in classes at lept Like A Blog. In our blogging club, Council Blogs, we occasional visit the Linkedin profiles too. You can visit my LinkedIn profile by clicking on the icon on the left.

Top 3 things my Customers receive

Three things that my customers receive from the Social Media Marketing Class.

1. Education

From the social media marketing classes people learn the terminology of the new wave of the internet, social media.

2. Skills & Scones

Students get a chance to practice at writing blogs and commenting and trying scones.

3. Sense of Accomplishment

Students come away knowing that they can effectively use Social Media as part of their personal branding or small business marketing.

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