Beware, 21st Century Technology aids education

blog council blogs education TEDOne of the favorite resources at Council Blogs is the TED talks. One recent post highlights the Khan Academy. Interestingly, the founder started by posting YouTube videos of tutorials for his cousins. After developing a swelling following on his videos he perceived a niche where technology could change the educational model. He went on to establish a not for profit organization, the Khan Academy. In the meantime he amassed some 2,200, 12 minute tutorial videos. His organization is consulting with various school districts to consider a mastery before proceeding type of approach. The videos aid study until mastery. Here’s a short introduction:

3 Unfortunate ways to become Fortunate

Unfortunately, nobody read my blog post.

Fortunately, it was good to get it off my chest anyway.

Unfortunately, I had a couple of spelling mistakes.

Fortunately, the spelling checker found and corrected them.

Unfortunately, I forgot to include a picture and my tags.

Fortunately, I forgot to publish it and it was still a draft. Now, let’s see if anyone comments!