“Teddy – Can You Save…………………?”

Can you?

The adventures of Teddy LC Bear!

Teddy and TLC Construction work with customers remodeling all kinds of rooms or doing different kinds of additions. ”Can you save ____?” is one of the most frequently asked questions. This has as many answers as there are projects! Customers are usually not looking at sentimental value but wonder why incur the cost of replacing something when it looks fine to them. This causes Teddy to scratch his furry ‘bear’ head! Luckily the contractors at TLC Construction know the answer from more than 11 years of experience!

Sometimes, the answer is, “yes, we can save that!” Or sometime we can save part of ‘it’ and sometime it just doesn’t make sense.  In one job, TLC Construction was asked by the customer to leave most of the dry wall up when updating the bathroom. Teddy couldn’t believe there were no outlets in this bathroom! Granted, he never needed to shave his…

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