Teddy – What is the One Thing That Makes TLC Construction Different from Other Remodeling Companies?

The adventures of Teddy LC Bear!

This is week two of Teddy answering frequently asked questions. Enjoy!

Teddy feels very lucky to be working with TLC Construction! He likes the one thing that really makes them different from many other remodeling companies – their unique approach to discovering what the customer dreams of in their project. John and Jan Bowman are co-owners and work with the customers in different ways. Teddy provides ‘beary’ good assistance. As they discuss with the customer their remodel dream, John looks at it through contractor eyes – where are the heating runs, plumbing, electrical, structural support, etc. While Jan looks at it through users eyes – how do you cook; how many people use the kitchen; how do you want to use the basement; what is your dream bathroom, etc. Teddy in his cute and charming but ‘bearable’ ways – helps the customer engage.

The TLC team gathers information; collaborates; and creates solutions – many different from what the customer first conceptualized! You could…

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