Giving Thanks

Being Thankful at the Cyber Wigwam

We had a good turnout for the blogging club this morning. We’re thankful that we have such good company to liven the holiday week. Discussion topics range from meat eating, vegetarianism, the McDonald’s game, traveling with the new TSA pat-down, and the latest powerful cordless drills. We have so many things to be thankful for especially the wonderful comraderie¬†of fellow bloggers.


Facebook email?

Facebook and email?

Email is apparently the next strategic step for Facebook. The code name ‘Project Titan’ was announced as a General Messaging System that aims to act like one central messaging hub. BEWARE! The new Facebook messaging system is designed to interface with email servers but it is not email. Think of the new system as a portal for all communications from your friends. It is a little early to tell how it may have an impact on our communication. Is the new messaging system a step in the right direction? Think about how homogenized the communication systems are in Star Trek. Maybe the new Facebook messaging system is a step towards that. “Live long and prosper.”

LifeHacker has already posted  point / counterpoints so you can transport there by hyperlink and seek where no man has gone before.