1 inch cube technology at Council Blogs & Studio YouTube

photoHow much can you fit in a one inch cube? The bloggers at Council Blogs saw the latest addition at Studio YouTube. It is a small self contained video camera that fits in a case 1 inch X 1 inch X 1 inch. The unit sports a 1/4″ tripod mount, infrared LEDs for night vision, a slot for a micro SD memory chip, power and operation buttons, LED indicators, and a USB connection. The battery is self contained. Initial experiments with the SYT quad copter went well as far as the video. The weight and balance in relation to the quad copter is another story. Great footage of aerial acrobats and crash landings looking sideways when the dust settles. The technology of video capture at this size is quite amazing and intriguing. This paves the way for the DIY Drone project at SYT later this fall.


5 Productivity tips for Busy Bloggers in 2013

ctlkeysEver wonder how you could be more productive in your blogging other than typing faster? The left hand shortcut keys are your answer. If you want to be more productive like the bloggers here at the Cyber Wigwam you can practice using the shortcuts listed below. Adapted into Windows from the early Apple days who pulled it from high-end workstations at the time, there is a series of keys that give your left hand something to do while your right hand is busy with the mouse. Once you get used to how they work you can increase your productivity. The letters don’t literally make sense but are chosen to use the lower bank of left-most keys to make it easy for your left hand. The technique is to use the Ctrl key. The nice thing is that most applications support the functionality. Here are the keys:

Ctrl-Z : Undo
Ctrl-X : Cut
Ctrl-C : Copy
Ctrl-V : Paste
Ctrl-A : Select all

The Apple keyboard works the same and you can use the Apple key instead of the Ctrl key. Get more productive and practice using your shortcut keys today.

The 1 thing everyone should know about Council Blogs in 2012

The benefits of business blogging are well documented in many places on the web. Here at the Cyber Wigwam we recognize the importance of consistently publishing blog posts. That’s why we have a council that meets every week. It is sort of like Laptop-i-stan, a term coined by David Sax of the New York Times (read it here) where everyone gets together to work on their individual projects. There is even a Facebook page now for laptopisites. The one thing everyone should know about Council Blogs is that it is being social about being social in the Blogosphere. If you are interested in business blogging or want to take an adventure to Laptopistan email Chief. You can also comment below and leave your thoughts here.

Social Media Spring Cleaning – Time to clean out those blog drafts

Here at Council Blogs it is easy to have an accumulation of post drafts. With spring in the air it is time to review your list of posts and see if there are some drafts that could be published. At the Cyber Wigwam the Chief sent Running Tweet out to count the drafts on the Council Blogs list. He came back and reported 38 drafts out of 100 posts. Lots of cleaning!! Get the brooms out. Remember the blue button on the lower right that says “Publish.”

Wiki-way to get up to speed on Social Media

The total impact of social media on traditional marketing approaches is yet unmeasured. For people and organizations looking for a “quick” or “wiki” way to sort through the possibilities there is a solution. The Social Media Marketing Framework (SMMF) class from lept Like A Blog will get you up to speed in a matter of minutes. The basic class is 8 hours segmented into multiple sessions. Whether in Galena, Belvidere or Crystal Lake this is one of the quickest to learn about Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and WordPress in Northern Illinois. Beyond the SMMF class, Council Blogs is a blogging club that meets every week. Members get a chance to interact and share experiences, learn new tips, and get their blog posts PUBLISHED! If you are interested in finding out more you can visit lept Like A Blog.

Giving Thanks

Being Thankful at the Cyber Wigwam

We had a good turnout for the blogging club this morning. We’re thankful that we have such good company to liven the holiday week. Discussion topics range from meat eating, vegetarianism, the McDonald’s game, traveling with the new TSA pat-down, and the latest powerful cordless drills. We have so many things to be thankful for especially the wonderful comraderie of fellow bloggers.