On Prancer, Off Dasher, On how to manipulate images in your blog post

Sometimes when you go to insert a picture into your wordpress post all of a sudden you get a disturbing X box. What’s up with that? Our bloggers at Council Blogs have discovered that the X- box appears when the file name has a dash in it. One remedy here at the  Cyber Wigwam is to follow this procedure.

1. Find your picture.

2. Resave the file on your computer with a name that has no dashes.

3. Insert the image from the new file name.

And then your picture behaves! Be sure to set one of the text alignments, too.


Consider Frequency as the Goal for 2012

One of the best goals you can have in 2012 is to have a plan for regular updates of your blog. At Council Blogs, all the bloggers have a well thought out, well strategized, robust marketing calendar that they are currently updating for 2012. Here at the cyber wigwam you can get a copy of your 2012 planning calendar by going to this link over on the lept like a blog site and signing up for the newsletter. Once you are a subscriber you can download the planning claendar.  The pundits in the blogosphere all agree that frequency and consistency are key to developing your following. In small business the more we can have a strong relationship with our customers the better off we are going to be. Having an established frequency of update gives your followers a sense that they are well connected with you and can count on hearing from you. Consistently sticking to your publishing plan gives your followers a sense that you are organized and diligent about communicating with them.