What they are saying about technology in 2012?

In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal Mills and Ottino make an analogy to drivers of growth in the last century. The advent of the automobile, telephone, and electricity paved the way for a century of amazing progress. In this century they predict wireless connectivity, smart manufacturing and material developments catalyzing a new raft of technological developments in this century. Under smart manufacturing they highlight the advances in 3d printing. 3d printing, traditionally  in the realm of inorganic materials has spilled over to the organic world. Scaffolds printed from organic material have been used in regenerative medicine to replicate postage stamp sized swatches into replacement organs. You can read about some of these advances at Tom’s blog. Also, 3d printing has made its way to an appliance level device. Now you can acquire a unit that sits on your desktop and links to your computer wirelessly. Download some files and you can realize a 3d object right on your desktop! The Cubify unit was rolled out at CES 2012. Read Zagg’s account here.


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Jan is such a poet!

The adventures of Teddy LC Bear!

It is the New Year and Teddy and TLC Construction are getting inquiries from customers about how to update their bathrooms. The customers have all kinds of budgets and all kinds of ideas. Teddy loves working with them to help customize a solution that would excite them!

So where to start? Teddy and the experienced contractors at TLC Construction sit down with each customer to discuss their particular situation, needs and wants. TLC brings comprehensive check-lists, that they have developed during their many years in business, to guide the conversation.They can start at the beginning of the budget spectrum with decorating ideas including new paint, towels and shower curtains. You could also add different towel bars, robe hooks, toilet paper holders and faucetry – brushed nickel is very popular right now. 

If the remodel is to be more extensive and the budget larger, Teddy may discuss new tile on the floor and/or…

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Cheese – A Health Food?

Chipwellness's Blog

Is it my imagination or is cheese consumption on the rise?  Cheese seems to be in about everything we eat from appetizers to vegetables. No, it’s not my imagination.  Americans are consuming an average 33 pounds of cheese a year – three times more than in 1970.

But that’s good, isn’t it? Cheese a healthy food – right? Let’s take a closer look. Yes, cheese is a good source of calcium and protein. Cheese is also a good source of fat, sodium, and cholesterol. On average, a one ounce of cheese (2 cubes or one slice) is about 120 calories and 70% fat, with nearly two thirds of the fat being the artery-clogging saturated fat. It has more sodium than a one ounce size bag of potato chips found in vending machines, and more cholesterol ounce for ounce than a baked chicken breast.  According to the…

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Pro-active to Maintain Brain Health

Satori Pathway

What is really important if we want to try to maintain brain health?You probably know the practices that promote good dental and cardio health.Those are the same choices that help keep our brains healthy. Professionals in the healthcare industry suggest fruit,vegetable and fish based diet…daily exercise..brain sparking by trying new activities frequently..and  regular reading and laughing.Yes, laughing apparently releases hormones and chemicals in the brain that bathe our brains in a healthy way.

Satori Pathway continues to provide professional support for families and patients suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia. Neurologists,psyche nurses,specially trained C.N.A.’s and our coordinators  want to help you.Call 815-395-2157 or comment on the  professionals you might need.I would love to hear from you.

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2012: Year of Findability – SEO like the Pros

Here at Council Blogs we named 2012 the Year of Findability. Our bloggers have found new and creative ways to develop their Search Engine Optimization or SEO. We find the term ‘Findability’ is more descriptive and palatable for novices. But, novice aside you can enjoy SEO like a pro. Here at the cyber wigwam we have explored techniques for increasing findability in our all our social media tools like LinkedIn and YouTube as well as Google. And of course, the battle cry for all bloggers in 2012: “Don’t forget your tags!”