What they are saying about technology in 2012?

In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal Mills and Ottino make an analogy to drivers of growth in the last century. The advent of the automobile, telephone, and electricity paved the way for a century of amazing progress. In this century they predict wireless connectivity, smart manufacturing and material developments catalyzing a new raft of technological developments in this century. Under smart manufacturing they highlight the advances in 3d printing. 3d printing, traditionally  in the realm of inorganic materials has spilled over to the organic world. Scaffolds printed from organic material have been used in regenerative medicine to replicate postage stamp sized swatches into replacement organs. You can read about some of these advances at Tom’s blog. Also, 3d printing has made its way to an appliance level device. Now you can acquire a unit that sits on your desktop and links to your computer wirelessly. Download some files and you can realize a 3d object right on your desktop! The Cubify unit was rolled out at CES 2012. Read Zagg’s account here.