When should you call TLC Construction?

The adventures of Teddy LC Bear!

Teddy and the TLC Construction contractors help many families and businesses of all different shapes and sizes in a variety of remodeling and addition projects. Sometimes TLC is asked, when do we need to call a professional contractor? Teddy loves to help people (and bears – but they don’t do a lot of these kinds of projects) determine what is best for them and their situation. Teddy says – you need to call TLC when you don’t have the time, the talent or the tools. And Teddy also knows a contractor should have qualifications. So he tells them, you need to find a contractor who has expertise in the field, has seen many different situations; and who will help you sort through the details – telling you what you need to know, not just what you want to hear.

In every project, there are lots of choices to make. Teddy loves the…

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You must have a contact form on your business website

Oblique Ideas

Too many small business websites don’t have useful contact forms on their site.  Because of this, they are passing by opportunities to sign new business.

A contact form is the most convenient way for a visitor to talk to a business.  It is more convenient than two commonly seen alternatives — a listed phone number and a listed e-mail address. Why?

First, calling a business cold risks an uncomfortable sales conversation.  It’s possible that the business owner or employee will unwittingly force the caller into saying yes or no to doing business with the company — often permanently.  Well-written information sent to form-originated prospects educates without forcing a financial commitment from the prospect.

Writing to an e-mail address is difficult for some people because they don’t know who they are writing to or what information they should include.  For too many people, a blank e-mail triggers writers’ block, or at…

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Living on Fast Forward in Retirement

Encore Now

The internet has really captured me.  I started working with it because I like to write and now the ministry, that we participate in, has asked me to help with their  blogs and websites.  At sixty-nine years young, I thought that the task was overwhelming and then I got into it and found out that I was right.  The good news is that I have found people to help me develop the web pages which are beginning to come together and look good.  But, because of this activity my personal blogging has taken a back-seat and I really miss it.  So – here goes!

Being retired isn’t just sitting in front of the television, traveling, and feeding, the birds.  My life is full and busy.  I still do the normal things of taking care of the house and yard.  We visit my 95 year-old Mom and our kids.  The ministry…

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7 Keys to Success for Business Owners – Part 1

The Business Edge Blog

7 Keys to Success –  Many small businesses are stuck in a state of how.  If you are working hard at the right things, your odds of getting unstuck increase dramatically.  But how do you know what to focus on?  There are seven things that all successful business owners focus on to run their companies

I will introduce you to the 7 Keys to Success and highlight one of the topics in each of the next few blogs.  The 7 Keys to Success are:

Profit Plan
Marketing Plan
Organization Plan
Cash Flow Forecast

Vision:  He had been in business a few years when he asked me, “How do I open my second location?  I see 12-15 locations when I’m done, but I don’t know how to open that second one.”  I knew he had the hard part down already.  He knew where he…

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Looking Forward, when will Facebook top out?

Looking forward to the end of 2012, Facebook will probably hit 1 BILLION users. Then what? With the recent email shenanigans will people start looking for other networking sites more trustworthy? At 1 BILLION, roughly half the people on the internet will be on Facebook. A year and a half ago this was more like a third of the internet was on Facebook. The growth in the user base of Facebook is quite interesting over the last few years. Here at the Cyber Wigwam, the bloggers are wondering what’s next? What makes a social networking platform attractive for all types of users. The ability to interact is what we consider the number one feature of a social networking platform. Pinterest is an interesting phenomenon. Lots of pictures, mixing pictures, lots of color, not necessarily a lot of dialog. What would make the ideal social networking platform? Share your desires and ideas below.

When is the best time to publish your post?

Bloggers at the cyber wigwam ask, “When is the best time to publish your post?” The short answer is “now!” One of the curses of bloggers is to procrastinate on their thoughts as they put them to paper, or should I say, screen. The adage of Progress versus Perfection comes to mind. At Council Blogs we like to envision our blog as simply telling the story of our business. No one can start to understand it if we never start telling them. Develop the habit of keeping your thoughts short. Especially in today’s fast paced society, everyone wants a short read anyway. Also, when we broadcast to our other social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn they only have space for a short message anyway. So the moral is keep it short and get it published!

Remember to tag your posts in 2012- The Year of Findability

At Council Blogs we consider 2012 the year of Findability. Every week we highlight advances in SEO as part of our blogging club meeting. What can you do to make your site findable when people are looking for your talents or services? It’s easy for us bloggers – TAGS!! Here at the cyber wigwam the bloggers have all moved their Tags widget on the WordPress editing page up under the Publish widget so we don’t forget. Our three item list that Gayle has engrained:

1. Unique Content free of Bad Stuff
2. Images
3. Tags

Think of tags as aids to search engines during classifying your blog post. Tom Johnson has a wonderful and extensive, 51 part series on Findability on his site, click here. Tags are equally important in your YouTube video. As bloggers, content is king, but tags are the scouts that bring in the visitors in the first place. So, don’t forget to include your tags. Remember: Content is King, Tags are IT when it comes to SEO!

We always love to hear from the blogosphere. Feel free to comment and interact with our club below.

Stephanie leads an excellent example of blogging. One of her many interesting posts.

The Comm Entrepreneur

Almost one year ago, when I first started publishing ramblings about my ambitions, struggles, triumphs and personal philosophies around starting my own business, I had no real idea what I was doing. I wanted a platform to share my ideas, but to also keep me accountable for continuing my creative writing on a regular basis. And for me – this meant blogging. At that time, I had no real plan for where this would go, or if it would go anywhere at all. All I knew was that this was the first time I could really write for myself and not have the pressure to “perform.” This was a wildly new feeling which allowed me to access a whole new level of creativity and improve my own writing over the course of a single year by simply making me do it weekly.

While there is still much for me…

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Yen and the Art of Social Media in 2012

Can you make money with Social Media? I suppose you can try. Making money directly is a bit of a stretch. Even the soft frenzy of Wall Street buyers for Facebook can see that. Here at the Cyber Wigwam we see social media and blogging as an interactive way to keep our customers engaged. To pass along our expertise, to keep them informed of what’s new, and to interact. Interaction is what sets social media apart from traditional static websites. As Seth Godin points out in his book, Tribespeople want to follow a movement. Why not make your business or service a movement? With the social media elements at our disposal, our clients can be engaged or be part of our business movement. Indirectly, having a good relationship with our customer can help generate business.