St. Patrick’s Day — Time for getting those blog posts out in 2013

Like the 3 elements of the shamrock there are 3 good reasons to adding blogging to your web presence. Of course, that’s assuming you have a web presence. If you don’t then adding a blog is an efficient way to develop a web presence too. Here at the Cyber wigwam the bloggers realize that having good content is what readers are attracted to.

1. “Content is King”

The more you have something genuine to say the more people will be interested to read. It doesn’t necessarily have to be profound. Just like the old adage, “be yourself.”

2. Keeping Fresh

With unique content comes great responsibility to keep it up. Consistently providing your readers with news is almost as important as the news itself. People will be attracted to your ability to keep them informed when you set a pace and stick to it. We find at Council Blogs that once a week is a good pace. You don’t kill yourself but if published regularly, your readers are kept informed.

3. News is attractive to Search Engines

Search engines like finding new stuff. What’s newer than your post with unique content? We find at the cyber wigwam that the more natural, “organic” methods for SEO incorporate consistency and good tagging. There is no better way to keep your readers satisfied and at the same time increase your “findability” than publishing your blog posts. Well, YouTube videos can be as powerful but require a little more energy to produce. Actually, some bloggers at the cyber wigwam are repurposing their blog posts into YouTube videos. That works really well too! You can find training and courses in both at lept Like A Blog.


Double space mystery – the hidden secret #13

One morning in blogging club Dave said, “how do you single space the lines?” Every time we hit enter it would jump down two lines. When we tried to backspace over the carriage return it would go back to the other line of text.  Hmmm, try as we may, the closest thing we could find to have single lines was to use the Heading4 format. Of course all the other things that come along with it made it look goofy. We delved into playing around with the HTML tab. Trying to find codes that would allow single lines but nothing elegant. After thinking that it was getting too involved, we turned to the next best thing, a Google search. After reading numerous forums and experimenting with various search terms, we found it. How simple could it be? In the WordPress editor the default is double spacing. If you hold the shift key down while you hit enter it will single space. How simple could it be? Now we are all happy at Blogging Club in the cyber Wigwam. Why hidden secret #13? Click here for the rest of the story.