#1 Storytelling – The Art of Social Media Marketing Campaigns among other things.

What do story telling and business marketing have in common? Everything. Here at the Cyber Wigwam we have developed a discipline of weekly blog posts. Many people ask, “what will I blog about?” The answer is simple. Just tell the story of your business. According to Freshly Pressed, WordPress.com’s blog highlighting portal, the number one thing to be featured is “Unique content.” Only you can tell the story of your business so naturally it is inherently unique. The other thing we find here at Council Blogs is that people are interested in how you conduct your business. People like to do business with people they Know, Like, and Trust. People like to be able to read about how you do your business and interact with your customers. What more natural way than to tell the story of your business. Here at Council Blogs we like to use WordPress for our blogs.One great benefit of telling the story of our business is that we have a chance to use the tags that best describe our business. This helps immensely in our findability for new customers. It also helps keep a fresh web presence for our existing customers. So, the next time you have that blogger’s writing cramp, get back to basics and tell the story of your business. If you have any examples of great stories you’d like to share, feel free to comment below.


Yen and the Art of Social Media in 2012

Can you make money with Social Media? I suppose you can try. Making money directly is a bit of a stretch. Even the soft frenzy of Wall Street buyers for Facebook can see that. Here at the Cyber Wigwam we see social media and blogging as an interactive way to keep our customers engaged. To pass along our expertise, to keep them informed of what’s new, and to interact. Interaction is what sets social media apart from traditional static websites. As Seth Godin points out in his book, Tribespeople want to follow a movement. Why not make your business or service a movement? With the social media elements at our disposal, our clients can be engaged or be part of our business movement. Indirectly, having a good relationship with our customer can help generate business.

3 things I love about Social Media

1. It’s Social!

At Council Blogs we have a social time being more social by expanding our horizons to include the 1.8 billion people on the internet. Council members from Woodstock to Galena come to sit around the cyber wigwam posting their favorite thoughts. It is sort of like Laptopistan. (See Pam’s post here).

2. It’s Free

We’ve all heard the expression, “there’s no free lunch.” Yes, the social media apps are free to subscribe but of course someone has to pay along the line. Particularly in Facebook we pay by having to look at crappy ads in the sidebar.

3. It’s Dynamic

A thrill every minute! Every second?