2015 is the year for Drones at Council Blogs. Bloggers’ top 3 picks for 2015

FB_profile_SYTWith roughly 80+ hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute the bloggers picked the theme of video for 2015. There are 3 aspects of Studio YouTube at TPM Technologies.

1. Studio YouTube

2. Studio YouTube-Mobile

3. Studio YouTube-Aerial

Studio YouTube represents a service that allows users to concentrate on the content of their message and the nit-picky parts of producing a video as streamlined as possible. Mobile represents a “Studio-in-a-bag” concept for doing short video at remote locations. And aerial? You guessed it. Using flying camera technology to get those breathtaking, otherwise hard to shoot bird’s eye views.

The bloggers discussed one of these workshops; Drone 101. The workshop would include:

1. An overview of the technology.

2. Regulations.

3. Safe and responsible operation.

4. Photographic details.

5. Flight path programming.

The workshop would also include hands-on aspects including aerial selfies.

If you have any thoughts or additions comment below…



The easiest way for aerial photography in 2014

SYT quadpad TPM Technologies quadcopter crossvilleQuadcopters have come on the scene in a big way. Here at Council Blogs we took a break from WordPress discussions and talked about quad copter technology. The DJI Phantom has an on-board camera complete with a gimbal that allows the camera to stay steady as the craft has to pitch for directional control. The quad beams down it’s live video signal to the controller which in turn acts as a WIFI hot spot to feed an idevice or an android device. The quad copter is part of the Studio YouTube portfolio of TPM Technologies. Here you can see a shot of the landing pad. If you want to see a video of some footage taken with the quadcopter you can visit one video here.

SYT quad TPM Technologies

Harvesting Ideas for 3D Printing in 2013

keystagSomeone was using a Post-It note to remind them to not lock their keys in the office. The designers at  TPM Technologies came up with a 3D printed part that looks a little nicer than the dog-eared, barely-hanging-on note. The unit fits snuggly around the door knob cap. 3D printing is bringing all kinds of new applications to products of all kinds. You can see the projects list over at TPM Technologies by clicking here. One fascinating story in 2013 for 3D printing is Robohand. The Robohand is an open source prosthetic developed using 3D printing technology. Makers from all over the world are donating their capability to help people that need fingers. You can visit the site where they have a blog and see what is happening.robohand

1 inch cube technology at Council Blogs & Studio YouTube

photoHow much can you fit in a one inch cube? The bloggers at Council Blogs saw the latest addition at Studio YouTube. It is a small self contained video camera that fits in a case 1 inch X 1 inch X 1 inch. The unit sports a 1/4″ tripod mount, infrared LEDs for night vision, a slot for a micro SD memory chip, power and operation buttons, LED indicators, and a USB connection. The battery is self contained. Initial experiments with the SYT quad copter went well as far as the video. The weight and balance in relation to the quad copter is another story. Great footage of aerial acrobats and crash landings looking sideways when the dust settles. The technology of video capture at this size is quite amazing and intriguing. This paves the way for the DIY Drone project at SYT later this fall.

Freedom of speech in the blogosphere – the role of RSS

Real Simple Syndication (RSS) is what drives the blogosphere. It is what enables bloggers to be both the reporter and the publisher. It provides a mechanism for the bloggers at Council Blogs to have an avenue for publishing, a way to broadcast to the world. It also gives us bloggers a mechanism for readers to subscribe to our pearls of wisdom. From my speaking engagements I find RSS the least understood aspect of social media. The underlying programming techniques of RSS paved the way for interactivity, which in turn paved the way for social media applications to spawn and grow. With RSS, now instead of one AP wire, we have a million AP wires. With so much information at our fingertips, the challenge for future generations will be how to discern credible sources. As small business owners we should be happy that with the internet and social media we have the freedom to interact closely with our customers. We have a generally untapped resource at our disposal. During your Fourth of July holiday you may want to consider how the freely flowing information could impact a stronger relationship with your customers. At the cyber wigwam we would like to hear about your successes in using social media for your business. Feel free to comment below.

Looking Forward, when will Facebook top out?

Looking forward to the end of 2012, Facebook will probably hit 1 BILLION users. Then what? With the recent email shenanigans will people start looking for other networking sites more trustworthy? At 1 BILLION, roughly half the people on the internet will be on Facebook. A year and a half ago this was more like a third of the internet was on Facebook. The growth in the user base of Facebook is quite interesting over the last few years. Here at the Cyber Wigwam, the bloggers are wondering what’s next? What makes a social networking platform attractive for all types of users. The ability to interact is what we consider the number one feature of a social networking platform. Pinterest is an interesting phenomenon. Lots of pictures, mixing pictures, lots of color, not necessarily a lot of dialog. What would make the ideal social networking platform? Share your desires and ideas below.

Remember to tag your posts in 2012- The Year of Findability

At Council Blogs we consider 2012 the year of Findability. Every week we highlight advances in SEO as part of our blogging club meeting. What can you do to make your site findable when people are looking for your talents or services? It’s easy for us bloggers – TAGS!! Here at the cyber wigwam the bloggers have all moved their Tags widget on the WordPress editing page up under the Publish widget so we don’t forget. Our three item list that Gayle has engrained:

1. Unique Content free of Bad Stuff
2. Images
3. Tags

Think of tags as aids to search engines during classifying your blog post. Tom Johnson has a wonderful and extensive, 51 part series on Findability on his site, click here. Tags are equally important in your YouTube video. As bloggers, content is king, but tags are the scouts that bring in the visitors in the first place. So, don’t forget to include your tags. Remember: Content is King, Tags are IT when it comes to SEO!

We always love to hear from the blogosphere. Feel free to comment and interact with our club below.

Bloggers limbering up for Memorial Day

The bloggers are busy this week leading up to Memorial Day weekend. Memorial Day began as a tradition after the American Civil War. Generally, the canon is symbolic of the conflict. How does a canon get from installation to installation? At the time of the Civil War the canons were pulled by horses, 6 to be exact. A battery was made of 6 canons and the accompanying caisson and repair wagons each requiring 6 horses. The two wheeled unit between the horses and the canon is called a limber. The limber also had a box that carried the ammunition. That ends up being a lot of horses. The photo is a little scratchy but you can get a sense for all the horse flesh required to move a canon battery. It doesn’t take quite as much horsepower to get the blog posts rolling with our motivated bloggers at Council Blogs.The bloggers all have their posts connected to Facebook from their wordpress sites. Feel free to comment on the blog posts here. Enjoy your holiday weekend.

2,279,709,629 ways to like the internet

As of April 30, 2012 the number of users on the internet was estimated to be 2,279,709,629. In the U.S., 80% of the population is estimated to be on the internet. We now have easy access to the growing number of potential customers on a global basis. The beauty of the internet is that it is relatively inexpensive to have the ability to get in front of those 2 billion users. Here at the cyber wigwam the bloggers know how much exposure you can get by appropriately tagging your consistent blog posts. Council Blogs has defined 2012 as the year of Findability. We are all working on and having great success with increasing our findability using various techniques. Generally, it is being smart about your title and tags on your wordpress blog. Read what the bloggers are saying here on this and their blogs. Feel free to comment and subscribe to the bloggers you like to hear from.

Social Media Spring Cleaning – Time to clean out those blog drafts

Here at Council Blogs it is easy to have an accumulation of post drafts. With spring in the air it is time to review your list of posts and see if there are some drafts that could be published. At the Cyber Wigwam the Chief sent Running Tweet out to count the drafts on the Council Blogs list. He came back and reported 38 drafts out of 100 posts. Lots of cleaning!! Get the brooms out. Remember the blue button on the lower right that says “Publish.”