5 Productivity tips for Busy Bloggers in 2013

ctlkeysEver wonder how you could be more productive in your blogging other than typing faster? The left hand shortcut keys are your answer. If you want to be more productive like the bloggers here at the Cyber Wigwam you can practice using the shortcuts listed below. Adapted into Windows from the early Apple days who pulled it from high-end workstations at the time, there is a series of keys that give your left hand something to do while your right hand is busy with the mouse. Once you get used to how they work you can increase your productivity. The letters don’t literally make sense but are chosen to use the lower bank of left-most keys to make it easy for your left hand. The technique is to use the Ctrl key. The nice thing is that most applications support the functionality. Here are the keys:

Ctrl-Z : Undo
Ctrl-X : Cut
Ctrl-C : Copy
Ctrl-V : Paste
Ctrl-A : Select all

The Apple keyboard works the same and you can use the Apple key instead of the Ctrl key. Get more productive and practice using your shortcut keys today.


2,279,709,629 ways to like the internet

As of April 30, 2012 the number of users on the internet was estimated to be 2,279,709,629. In the U.S., 80% of the population is estimated to be on the internet. We now have easy access to the growing number of potential customers on a global basis. The beauty of the internet is that it is relatively inexpensive to have the ability to get in front of those 2 billion users. Here at the cyber wigwam the bloggers know how much exposure you can get by appropriately tagging your consistent blog posts. Council Blogs has defined 2012 as the year of Findability. We are all working on and having great success with increasing our findability using various techniques. Generally, it is being smart about your title and tags on your wordpress blog. Read what the bloggers are saying here on this and their blogs. Feel free to comment and subscribe to the bloggers you like to hear from.