Teddy’s antennae are showing! Is it Teddy or his Martian twin?

The adventures of Teddy LC Bear!

It has been almost a week but Teddy still remembers a strange occurence. When he went to work at TLC Construction last Monday morning, his coworkers noticed something different. Teddy appeared to have antenna coming out of the top of his head! Was this really their Teddy or his Martian twin? Would he be able to work? Would he cause electrical interference? Would he tune into the Mars lander Curiosity instead of TLC work? How can what is learned on this mission help the construction business? There are so very many questions.

Teddy is fascinated by science and how it can help our every day lives in so many ways.  He was up very early last Monday morning to see Curiosity land – perfectly! In some recent research, Teddy discovered many things that have been developed for space programs have also been a great help to home owners and even contractors – cordless power tools; light weight…

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