Looking Forward, when will Facebook top out?

Looking forward to the end of 2012, Facebook will probably hit 1 BILLION users. Then what? With the recent email shenanigans will people start looking for other networking sites more trustworthy? At 1 BILLION, roughly half the people on the internet will be on Facebook. A year and a half ago this was more like a third of the internet was on Facebook. The growth in the user base of Facebook is quite interesting over the last few years. Here at the Cyber Wigwam, the bloggers are wondering what’s next? What makes a social networking platform attractive for all types of users. The ability to interact is what we consider the number one feature of a social networking platform. Pinterest is an interesting phenomenon. Lots of pictures, mixing pictures, lots of color, not necessarily a lot of dialog. What would make the ideal social networking platform? Share your desires and ideas below.


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