You must have a contact form on your business website

Oblique Ideas

Too many small business websites don’t have useful contact forms on their site.  Because of this, they are passing by opportunities to sign new business.

A contact form is the most convenient way for a visitor to talk to a business.  It is more convenient than two commonly seen alternatives — a listed phone number and a listed e-mail address. Why?

First, calling a business cold risks an uncomfortable sales conversation.  It’s possible that the business owner or employee will unwittingly force the caller into saying yes or no to doing business with the company — often permanently.  Well-written information sent to form-originated prospects educates without forcing a financial commitment from the prospect.

Writing to an e-mail address is difficult for some people because they don’t know who they are writing to or what information they should include.  For too many people, a blank e-mail triggers writers’ block, or at…

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