Yen and the Art of Social Media in 2012

Can you make money with Social Media? I suppose you can try. Making money directly is a bit of a stretch. Even the soft frenzy of Wall Street buyers for Facebook can see that. Here at the Cyber Wigwam we see social media and blogging as an interactive way to keep our customers engaged. To pass along our expertise, to keep them informed of what’s new, and to interact. Interaction is what sets social media apart from traditional static websites. As Seth Godin points out in his book, Tribespeople want to follow a movement. Why not make your business or service a movement? With the social media elements at our disposal, our clients can be engaged or be part of our business movement. Indirectly, having a good relationship with our customer can help generate business.


3 thoughts on “Yen and the Art of Social Media in 2012

  1. I agree that while directly social media may not be the easiest or most effective way to make money, it has led to a lot of new careers that never existed before it came along.There are now people in companies who specialize solely in social media management and even entrepreneurs who have created an entire firm to supply these services. Very interesting to watch this massive industry grow and change the job landscape!

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