Bloggers limbering up for Memorial Day

The bloggers are busy this week leading up to Memorial Day weekend. Memorial Day began as a tradition after the American Civil War. Generally, the canon is symbolic of the conflict. How does a canon get from installation to installation? At the time of the Civil War the canons were pulled by horses, 6 to be exact. A battery was made of 6 canons and the accompanying caisson and repair wagons each requiring 6 horses. The two wheeled unit between the horses and the canon is called a limber. The limber also had a box that carried the ammunition. That ends up being a lot of horses. The photo is a little scratchy but you can get a sense for all the horse flesh required to move a canon battery. It doesn’t take quite as much horsepower to get the blog posts rolling with our motivated bloggers at Council Blogs.The bloggers all have their posts connected to Facebook from their wordpress sites. Feel free to comment on the blog posts here. Enjoy your holiday weekend.


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