9-1-1 Calls For Emergency When Elderly Get Violent

Satori Pathway

The Rockford Fire Department has had Satori Pathway present 2 C.E.U. classes for the new paramedics training and experienced paramedics keeping their education current. 

Our presentation compares the behaviors and violence sometimes associated with drugs and alcohol abuse to the behaviors of a dementia patient,who might be agitated or off their meds.  

Emergency calls are no fun for anyone..and can scare the already agitated Alzheimer’s patient.Most people don’t think of what a fire truck or ambulance crew might be dealing with until they have an experience with a family episode themselves or in the neighborhood.


We also share methods and suggestions for dealing with the behaviors and for helping the family members caught in the middle of such an  incident.There are usually a number of questions from the paramedics  that add to the material we present and help everyone…

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