3 Ways to Enjoy the Extra Sunlight

Satori Pathway

Sitting near the ocean or letting the sun shine in my eye are at the top of my list for renewing my spirit and relaxing my body.Leaving work at 4P.M. and knowing there will be 3-4 hours of light allows me to take a leisurely walk or work in the garden…or not.

Satori Pathway listens to families who are dealing with the midafternoon activities that can be challenging  or excessive and require lots of energy to moniter.This phenomenom is called sundowning.

3 activities to enjoy with a senior are walking,listening to their favorite music and maybe dancing …how about dancing on the porch or patio?Some “adjusted”working in the garden would be soothing also..in that sunlight.

Please call or comment on your experience with sundowning.I would love to hear from you.815- 395-2157 or 779-537-5249

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