3 Daylight Savings Reminders

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                                                            Here we go again!  Changing the clocks so that we can use more of the suns natural light to aid our daily functions.This always takes some adjustment but we do and move on with our lives.

The abrupt change can be used to remind us of things to check around the house.  One item is a battery verification.  Sure, we always check our detector batteries but what about flashlight batteries or emergency radio batteries or even the status of your cell phone batteries.  Don’t forget car batteries, tractor batteries, or the backup battery in your clock radio.  Any other devices have batteries in your life?  Good time to check them out.

Another seldom used device in your house is the water shut off valve.  They are located throughout your life.  Each sink should have two (hot and cold), the toilets all should have one, water heater, water softener, and of course the main shut off valve for…

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One thought on “3 Daylight Savings Reminders

  1. Yeah, I didn’t do it last year and it started screaming – to remind me. I think it is wise to do the smoke detectors every year. Thanks for the reminder.

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