The 1912 Overture: Year of the Maine Hunting Shoe

Necessity is the mother of invention

In 1912 Leon Leonwood Bean developed the Maine hunting shoe primarily to keep his feet dry while hunting. An interesting story unfolds from that humble beginning to one of America’s biggest mail order retailers. I had the opportunity to listen to the book, In search of L.L.Bean at a time when their journey of marketing discovery hit a resonant chord with me. I vividly remember listening to an audio version of the book in the car on a long trip. When we’d have to make a bathroom break, we literally ran back to the car to catch the story again. In today’s world of blogs and internet the search for the best mail order marketing seems a little old school. In our blogging club in Rockford we have seen how social media is all about telling the story of your business. Better yet, how do you tell the story of what you do for your customers. What do they get? What’s the results of your efforts for them? What will be the Maine hunting shoe of this century?


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