Linkedin hits 115.8 million subscribers!

In May, soon after their IPO, LinkedIn has garnered Over 115 million subscribers. At the end of 2009 my story of sixes included LinkedIn with 63 million users. What growth! Personally, I noticed recent updates to LinkedIn. Have you noticed the new review profile feature? Have you seen the little Post-it note check marks? LinkedIn is a portion of the Social Media marketing framework that we develop in classes at lept Like A Blog. In our blogging club, Council Blogs, we occasional visit the Linkedin profiles too. You can visit my LinkedIn profile by clicking on the icon on the left.


5 thoughts on “Linkedin hits 115.8 million subscribers!

  1. Yes, it really is surprising how well LinkedIn has grown. We’ve been using it to monitor several professional areas, like the WordPress Group and Marketing over Coffee. I’ll have to look more closely into the Post it Note Function.

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