4 Little Known Keys to Wiki-Blogging

Here’s a tip for increasing your blogging efficiency.

We call it “Wiki-blogging” because your keyboard efficiency is enhanced. With these keys your left hand can join in the fun. Once you get the hang of “wiki-blogging” your thoughts get transferred quickly and easily to the page as your wording keeps up with your thoughts.

The letters themselves don’t necessarily make a lot of sense but are placed so that it is easy for the left hand to manipulate. The letters used are on the lower left of the keyboard: Z, X, C, and V. For the computer to realize you want to do something special the ctrl (control) key is used on windows oriented keyboards. For Apple the  ”apple key” is used located to the left of the space bar. The short cuts are:

  • Ctrl-Z is undo
  • Ctrl-X is cut
  • Ctrl-C is copy
  • Ctrl-V is paste
  • And for those adventurous types you can venture from the bottom row and Ctrl-A is select all.


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