Power of Group (Social) Brainstorming

At the last Council Blogs we took a chapter from the Breakfast Blogging Club in Oakland CA (land of warm weather). To help plan the topics for 2011 we went through the brainstorming exercise. We added the power of the group by sharing our 4 minute brainstorm with each other. We found that by sharing the ideas with each other we DOUBLED, yes, DOUBLED the ideas we had individually. Other thoughts that surfaced, “Stay Focussed” and “Have Idea sounds.” Someone’s email announcment sound is the “Jetson doorbell”. That’s a stimulus for some people.


2 thoughts on “Power of Group (Social) Brainstorming

  1. It’s pretty powerful when you bring creativity and synergy to blogging endeavors. We’ve started to provide real-time blog and blog post review and critique into our meetings. Everybody learns and gets value from the input.

    Thanks for the shout out, too. We’re in Oakland, CA by the way. But who cares when we’ve got the best weather in the country right now. Don’t hate us ’cause we’re warm!

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