4 secrets to a blogging club


When sitting at your computer by yourself do you start to feel like you are you are missing out on social opportunities? Here’s an idea. Start a blog club. Here’s 4 secrets to getting it launched.

1. Find a venue. You will need to find a place that has WI-FI. This could be the local coffee shop or restaurant that has WI-FI capability. You will need enough space for people to sit around the fire and work on the topic of the day. With the ubiquitous router you could even have it at one of the club member’s house.

2. Find some bloggers. The growth in use of blogs as a personal branding approach should make it easy to find bloggers in your area to congregate. The chief draws on people from the social media marketing class.

3. Setup weekly topics. To keep the group vibrant you need to have a topic for the bloggers to get over their writer’s block. Consider sample titles to fill in the blank or a commenting session where the bloggers practice at commenting on club member’s blogs.

4. Have FUN! Blogging can be fun especially when people get together socially to discuss techniques and topics for their blogs. The extra peer pressure from the group helps the procrastinating blogger get off the dime and flesh out their site.

For more tips or suggestions you can email Council Blogs.


7 thoughts on “4 secrets to a blogging club

  1. Nice job Chief! Short sweet and to the point! We should see blogging clubs popping up all over! What about a manual (e-book) on how to lead a successful blogging club? Your topic list would be a great help to someone starting out.

  2. Blogging clubs are fabulous It is a great way to get together to share ideas and learn new blogging skills. Bloggers can find blogging clubs are a real timesaver when the group can choose a topic and each person write their blog on the topic. It gives the blogger an opportunity to be creative with writing.

  3. I’m commenting on your post simply to see my new gravatar because I’ve uploaded it I think I’m stuck with it. It is a dark purple PS in script on a light purple background. See what happens when this posts.

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